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these are all my favs i have acquired since i joined this wonderful site, be warned its not for children




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In college, currently a freshman there. Interested in nursing and Loving of little kids and babies. studying to be a pediatric nurse.
I'm hyper, very excitable, calm when needed, very rude and bossy at times. I am extremely blunt and if you act like a child around me and respond as such i will talk down to you as such. I do have a tendency to snap quite fast when angry, I try hard to not let that happen. Mature when the time calls for it, other times just a dork and spazzy


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1.) Do you ever show Daxter affection? If so, how?
    -"Occasionally I will. It's nothing special, just idly playing with his hair and maybe petting his back."

2.) If Daxter became human Dark Daxter for a day, what would you do?
    -"If Daxter ever had a dark counterpart that would be interesting for sure. I wouldn't kill him because that would be stupid, I think I'd get along with him well enough, he'd be a good challenge."

3.) What does it feel like when Light Jack is in control?
    -"It's suffocating."

4.) What does Light Jak do when he's on top? (Meaning making love to Daxter)
    -"Like I know. When he's in control I don't always look in on him to see what he's doing. He spoils the kid with plenty of affection though."

5.) Have you ever been caught having sex with Daxter? Did you care?
    -"Not yet, I'm still working on that. If we were caught I wouldn't give a damn."

6.) Can I call you kitty?
    -"Leave. Now"

7.) Do you like when Daxter begs for more?
    -"Yes. it means he likes what i'm doing and that just makes me want to make it just the more intolerable for him to handle. He does well to keep himself up to pace with me."

8.) What's the hardest thing about dealing with Daxter?
    -"I've dealt with worse people before, not that I don't think he can't be annoying sometimes, but he isn't all that hard to deal with. If anything it's his smug attitude that pisses me off the most."

9.) Favorite sex story/session of yours with Daxter?
-" Oh there are plenty of fun stories to tell, however I think my favorite session with my little precur would have to be a late afternoon adventure. I had taken control of Jak's body and decided to play with Daxter in public. With the new invisibility it's a thrill for him even if he won't admit it, to have sex in public where anyone could find us. Watching him complain that we were being to loud was enjoyable"

10.) Why did you never come out before Daxter rescued Jak while in prison?
    -"There wasn't enough of me present to actually take his body for myself. Once he finally gave up on trying to fight me off, that's when I was able to come through. It just happened to be when Daxter came to rescue Jak."

11.) Is there any Dark power you have difficulty controlling?

12.) How do you get 'rough'?
-"It starts with simply getting someone to let their guard down, Daxter get's wary when I'm around and I don't blame him for being so skittish at first. When he's finally accepting it's a free for all from then on. Usually it starts with bites and scratches and then it just gets bloody."

13.) Who do you hate more than anything else?
    "That light alter ego Jak has now."

14.) What is something Daxter does that entices you? (i.e. Turns you on)
-"His body for one and his scent is nice too. It's the power that he holds but isn't aware of yet that draws my attention. I can feel it and it's teasing really, makes you want to just possess him as much as you can."

15.) What happens to Jak when you come out? Meaning, his consciousness.
    -"That's a tricky question. I myself sit back and watch the world through his eyes when he's in control, I can't say it's the same when the situation is flipped. I know he's aware of what I do but I don't know if he's 'awake' when I'm in control."

16.) Has Daxter ever tried being the dominant during sex with you?
    -"He tried once and he learned real quick that no matter what position he tries to take he'll always be the submissive, doesn't matter if he's on top or bottom." (he rode me~)

17.) Where/what are your sweet spots?
    -"If you think I would tell you that information you are wrong. I didn't even tell Daxter, he learned what they were by himself and even he got a few marks in warning after he found them."

18.) Since there are Dark Eco traces in Daxter, can you see into his memories? If so, what's your opinion of his family life?
    -"I do know Daxter's memories, yes. All dark eco is connected and no matter where it is, or inside of who, I can recall all information related to the host. My opinion his family? His mother was gentle and nice to him, his Dad was a giant prick and I liked that. A firm hand is always needed in any relationship. If punishment is due then it should be executed. But that's just my opinion on the matter. Anyone else would have hated the man. If he dares try and do that shit again though I'll be sure to rip a few things off."

19.) What's your favorite thing to do when teasing Daxter?
    - "Leave him wanting more and alone. It irritates him when I make him to embarrassed or bothered. So I leave him to himself and he disapproves of that"

20.) Weirdest place you've had sex with Daxter?
    -"I didn't think it was a weird place to fuck but Daxter didn't like it when I got him caught in the turret there on the high rocks there in front of the islands."

21.) What was Light Jak's reaction to learning you'd claimed Daxter as your mate? (I feel like you were smug about it~)

22.) DARK!! What an activity you enjoy other than killing?
-"Does fucking Daxter for hours count?"

23.) Who did you enjoy killing the most and why?
-"I've killed plenty of people, all satisfying in their own ways. it's hard to just pick one"

24.) How is life in Spargas?
-"Hot, but entertaining."

25.) If you could do anything at all, anywhere, with anyone, what would it be, with who, and why?
-"If there was anything I could do, anywhere and with who it would be to trap that annoying Walker, Scerie, in a room and tear her apart. I've killed plenty of her walker siblings before, devouring her would be a nice treat"

25.) What's a walker, and what do you do?
-"a walker is a special being created by the precursors purely for the task of traveling the time lines and making sure everything goes according to their plans. Everyone has their own assignments, their own individuals they watch. I was assigned to Jak and Daxter, I protect them any time I need and will die as many times as I must in order to be sure they remain relatively safe."

26.) How far do Jak and Daxter get in their relationship?
    -"I'm not at liberty to give that information out. sorry"

27.) Scerie, is it? Is it lonely being a Walker?
    -"Not really. As something created by the precursors simply to guide and watch I'm not made to really seek out interaction with others. I do what I'm ordered to and that's about it"

28.) Were you born a Walker or did you become one?
    -"Walkers are specially designed beings that the Precursors made to keep everything intact. Sometimes things in the time line can shift and some fate designs become skewed, we are made to make sure that does not happen and correct the problem if it does occur. So I was constructed by using eco and other things."

29.) Do you have family?
    -"Do other Walker siblings count as family? I don't interact with them, we don't meet or anything like that and we don't really have many expressions to show so we don't find a need to seek each other out."

30.) What's the hardest thing about being a Walker?
    -"Sometimes it's hard to watch someone go through tragedy but you cannot do anything about it because it's part of their fate design. It can be tough to watch and sit back and know you cannot do anything or you can drastically alter something for the worse."

31.) What about the Demolition Duo amuses you the most?
    -"Their interactions with each other and the pure respect they have for each other."

32.) Did Jak like Daxter back in Sandover?
    -"He liked him to some extents. It was not instant, but Jak did like Daxter from the start of their friendship. It grew over time slowly"

33.) What are your powers if you have any?
    -"I only have few abilities and I use them for my assignments. I can erase memories, replace them with altered ones if I choose, travel through different times and even dimensions if necessary, it's rare if i jump realities, and I can change my body. This body now actually is not a real form, this is a guise I use to interact with Jak and other humans"


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